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Power Supply Name PSU Part Number SMPS Category Power Supply Description
Cool Power Technologies  CPT7B48N  DC/DC Converters  High Efficiency 12v, 84 watts, 7 Amp, 16th Brick  
CCM250  CCM250PSxx  AC/DC  250 Watt convection cooled power supply with 95% efficiency. Approved for both IT (60950) an 
AC/DC power adapter  SRA-6W-H  AC/DC  AC Input: 100V~240V,frequency: 47~63 Hz Output Voltage :12V dc Safety standard: IEC/ 
2820  2820  AC/DC  Max. 100W desktop power supply Output current 7,5A (12V) Energy Star Level 5 
MPD-807H  MPD-807H  DC/DC Converters  The MPD-807H is an isolated 9 - 32 VDC ATX open frame DC/DC converter that can handle both 12 
XR Series  48 Models: 8 to 1000 Vdc, 5 to 375 Adc  AC/DC  2 kW to 6 kW Programmable DC Power Supply in 2U Pacakge Innovative and Scalable Magna 
MPM-U300 Series  MPM-U300  AC/DC  300W Medical Grade AC/DC open frame power supply 
Open Frame  LFM10  AC/DC  10 Watt Ultraminiature Open Frame Switching Power Supply 
LED Lighting Power Supply  PLN60  AC/DC  60 Watt Single Output LED Power Supply 
LED Lighting Power Supply  PLN100  AC/DC  100 Watt Single Output LED Lighting Power Supply 
LED Lighting Power Supply  ALD120  AC/DC  120 Watt Single Output, 2 Channel, Class 2 LED Driver 
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