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Power Supply Name PSU Part Number SMPS Category Power Supply Description
320W, Platinum ATX SMPS  PCC005-020H2  AC/DC  320W, Platinum ATX 12V SMPS 93.4% Efficiency  
380VDC Hot Plug PSU  MFG #684539-B21   DC/DC Converters  HP Common Slot (CS) Power Supplies share a common electrical and physical design that allow 
400W Active PFC  X series SS-400FL  AC/DC  Silence defines the X series fanless power supplies by SeaSonic. Taking advantage of the bene 
400W Platinum ATX SMPS  GPG400V  AC/DC  400W, 92.7% Efficiency 5.8% iTHD  
402  402L-10kV-POS  AC/DC  4kJ/sec Rack Mount capacitor charging power supply 
450W, Platinum ATX SMPS  PT-450M  AC/DC  450W, 92.4% Efficiency 5% iTHD  
480 Gemini  480 Gemini  AC/DC  - 432-528Vac 3 Input - 48Vdc/100A Output - 5.2"x8.3"x15.5" Size 8.3W/in3 - Self contai 
500 Watt PFC Front End Module  OPS-U-500-385B PFC  General  97% efficient, no thermal deration, high reliability, light weight, small footprint, power fa 
500A  500A-1kV-POS  AC/DC  500J/sec HV Capacitor Charging Power Supply. 
5-15W Switching Adapter  EA1015  AC/DC  Wall Mount 
650W ATX12V 2.3 SLI  R-SPI650ACAG  AC/DC  Efficiency: 87% minimum, typical up to 90% 
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