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Power Supply Name PSU Part Number SMPS Category Power Supply Description
P150R-05301PF  15.6443.000  AC/DC  5v/30amps redundancy 3U/14HP 
P3094-05121PF  15.7240.502  AC/DC  +5v/14a,+12v/2a,-12v/1a 3U/8HP 
PH30-2401  15.8241.100  AC/DC  DIN-rail smps 24v/1,25amps 
PH120-2405A  15.8243.400  AC/DC  24v/5amps Din-rail 
DG10R-05181-3G  15.9340.010  DC/DC Converters  input: 40-80v output: 5v/18amps redundancy 3U/8HP 
P4180-030512  15.9440.000  AC/DC  CompactPCI Power supply 3U/12HP 180watt for free convection  
P2060--0512  15.9740.100  AC/DC  5v/5amps-12v/2,5amps 3U/6HP 
152A  152A-??kV-POS/NEG-(PFC)  DC/AC Inverters  1.5kJ/sec OEM style capacitor charging power supply 
Front Ends StrongBox  1548  AC/DC  StrongBox family is an easy-to-use modular system designed for applications engaged in the as 
2.5kW 1Ux8"  2.5kW 1Ux8"  General  At only 1U high, 8" wide and 15" deep, this new line of Power Supplies provides an industry l 
202A  202A-??kV-POS/(NEG)-PFC  AC/DC  2kJ/sec OEM style capacitor charging power supply, with active PFC 
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