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Power Plaza Co., Ltd. 


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POWER PLAZA Switching Power Supply products
Product Name Category Order Part Number Price Price Description
SPS6-24-5  DC/DC Converters  SPS6-24-5    World Best Quality 
SPS3-24-5  DC/DC Converters  SPS3-24-5    World Best Quality 
SPS1R5-24-5   DC/DC Converters  SPS1R5-24-5     World Best Quality 
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Employees Date
60  1/29/2008 

Address 1740 E. Garry Ave. #102  
City Santa Ana 
State CA (California) 
Country United States 

In business? Yes 
Absorbed by Power Plaza Co., Ltd. 
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POWER PLAZA Established in 1993, and now POWER PLAZA is one of the worldĄŻs leading providers of power converters and delivering the innovative SMPS for industrial, telecommunication and other functions with high reliability and high efficiency. We are associcated with PM BUS and in progress of digital power systems. We have world class technologies, manufacturing facility and thriving experience. Over 500 kinds of broad range units with 1.5W to 200W of mounting, chassis, SMD and enclosed type. POWER PLAZA CO., LTD (Head Office) #1401, 14 F/L 6th Daeryaung Techno-Town 493-6, Gasan- Dong, Kumchon-Gu, Seoul, Korea 153-774 Tel: +82-2-855-4955 (Ext: 202) Fax: +82-2-855-4954 Mail: sales@powerplaza.co.kr www.powerplaza.com POWER PLAZA INC (US Office) 1740 E. GARRY AVE., #102 SANTA ANA, CA 92705 US Tel: 949-553-1970 Fax: 949-553-1960 Mail: sales@powerplaza.net www.powerplaza.net We passed severe quality evaluation like ISO 9001, CE, CB, UL & c-UL. In this changing world of power converters we are constantly progressing our products and creating new possibilities to meet the needs world has today and innovating to meet the needs world will have tomorrow. We are committed to improve our level of environmental awareness. This is part of the heart of Power Plaza. 
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