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Daito Electron Co., Ltd 
Daitron Incorporated 


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Daito Electron Co., Ltd Switching Power Supply products
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Division of
Daitron Incorporated 
Employees Date
50  2/22/2008 

Address 6, 3 chome, Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku 
City Tokyo 
Country Japan 

In business? Yes 
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Daito Electron Co., Ltd editors
Daitron Inc is US operation of Daito Electron Co., Ltd. in Japan who is public company manufacturers & sells electronics components thru their world wide sales channel networks. We have over 600 employee in w/w with about US$600M sales revenue. Now one of the division designs & manufactures Power Supplies, Noise filters, UPSs and Isolation transformers specific for noise sensitive applications in OEM industrial markets. Customer engineers can receive very clean power source from our power supply as they operate under the " Soft-Switching Method (Current Resonance)". That is the main reason why so many major players in Japan already implemented our technology to use in their systems, so now we just started promoting this technology to the US market, too. We need customers feed backs.  
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