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SMPS Power Supplies Switching Power Supply products
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Nemesis II  AC/DC  LED Driver  Free demo unit 
Excel Design  AC/DC  ADH2450Deszd.xls  300  One year free updates. One year free technical support. 
PSpice Simulation package  DC/DC Converters  *.sch PSpice files  425  One year free updates. One year free technicsl support. 
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Address 102 Horsepond Ct. 
City Cary 
State NC (North Carolina) 
Country United States 

In business? Yes 
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SMPS Power Supplies editors
I would like to introduce to you Nemesis, a power supply achieving: Efficiency: 94% @ 277Vac, 92% @ 120Vac Power Factor for 50-100% load: >0.930 @ 277Vac, >0.990 @ 120Vac THD at full load: 9.9% @ 277Vac, 4.4% @ 120Vac Input Power in Standby: 325mW @ 277Vac, 226mW @ 120Vac Power Density: 8W/in3, 4.900 x 2.500 x 1.530 If you are interested in details, please visit: http://www.SMPS.com/Design/Nemesis/Nemesis.shtml  
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