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Magna-Power Electronics 


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Magna-Power Switching Power Supply products
Product Name Category Order Part Number Price Price Description
XR Series II  AC/DC  70 Different Models  2795  Starting at. 
XR Series  AC/DC  48 Models: 8 to 1000 Vdc, 5 to 375 Adc     
TS Series II  AC/DC  80 Models: 16 to 1000 Vdc, 20 to 2700 Adc     
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Employees Date
45  5/23/2007 

Address 39 Royal Road 
City Flemington 
State NJ (New Jersey) 
Country United States 

In business? Yes 
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Magna-Power editors
Magna-Power Electronics, Inc. was founded in 1981, initially focused on contract research and development in the fields of power electronics and magnetics. Magna-Power Electronics, under pressures of quick design cycles, developed a strong capability for designing and prototyping custom power supplies and manufacturing magnetic components in small volumes. Our customers, seeing the quality of our workmanship, demanded production quantities of our designs. To satisfy this need, Magna-Power Electronics evolved into a products based manufacturing company. Magna-Power Electronics applied its strength in engineering to create DC power processing products using modular building blocks. The building blocks were made interchangeable so that systems could be configured per customer requirements. Investment in inventory and tailoring production for system level manufacturing have made Magna-Power Electronics a leader in providing high-power, cost competitive DC power supplies. With decades of experience, Magna-Power Electronics has honed its product line to provide robust current fed power conversion along with user friendly sophisticated microprocessor control. Magna-Power Electronics' products can be found around the world processing power for national labs, industrial sites, and universities. Our products have evolved by listening to our customers and working with them to find solutions to their problems. Our continual growth is based upon our innovative engineering, superior manufacturing methods, and dedicated employees. Today, all engineering and manufacturing is performed in Flemington, NJ. 
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