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MGV Stromversorgungen GmbH 
MGV Stromversorgungen 


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MGV Stromversorgungen GmbH Switching Power Supply products
Product Name Category Order Part Number Price Price Description
PH1013-2440  AC/DC  14.5941.700     
PH2003-4840  AC/DC  14.5940.205     
PH520-2420A  AC/DC  14.6040.120     
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Employees Date
75  11/19/2007 

Address Bayerwaldstrasse 27 
City Muenchen / Munich 
Country Germany 

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MGV Stromversorgungen GmbH editors
MGV is a manufacturer of switch mode power supplies from 10 to 2500W for 19-inch racks and for DIN-rail or wall mounting. The quality of our power supplies is first rate and each of our standard devices is delivered with a three-years guarantee. You can rely on our tried-and-tested design concepts, high-quality component pools, on the thoroughness of our safety and EMC tests, as well as the highly automated production and testing of all products. After your new power supplies are installed, you will be able to relax and let them - not you - do the work. 
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