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Pacific Power Source, Inc. 
Pacific Power Source Corp. 


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Pacific Power Source, Inc. Switching Power Supply products
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Address 17692 Fitch 
City Irvine 
State CA (California) 
Country United States 

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Pacific Power Source, Inc. editors
Pacific Power Source develops, manufactures and markets high-performance AC Power Sources. Founded in 1971, Pacific was an early pioneer in the development of linear, solid-state power conversion used in the avionics and other high reliability markets. The company now manufactures both linear and high performance PWM AC Power Sources that are used in a wide variety of commercial and industrial applications. Pacific Power Sourceís customer base consists of major U.S. and international corporations. Markets served include test and measurement instrumentation, household appliance and consumer product manufacturing, military, aerospace, communication, industrial, computer and government agencies. Pacificís products range in power from 500 VA to greater than 625 kVA. Low-power products are used in power line conditioner, frequency converter and programmable AC Test power applications. High-power systems include programmable power test equipment, power line conditioners, frequency converters and battery-backed AC Power Sources. AMX Series: A family of high-performance linear AC Power Sources that excel in applications where waveform fidelity, high peak current and low output impedance are required. Available in either manual or programmable versions, cataloged power ratings range from 500 VA to 30 kVA. ASX Series: A family of high-performance pulse width modulated (PWM) AC Power Sources. Output power ratings are based on the most severe combination of input line, output voltage, power factor and temperature. The ASX Series is the preferred solution when high conversion efficiency and in low power factor loads are anticipated. Available in either manual or programmable versions, cataloged power ratings range from 1500 VA to 12 kVA. ACX Series: The 118ACX-UPC1 provides the universal connectivity, high power density and on demand technical ability required for low power AC Test/frequency converter applications. With an output range of 150V/300V, 15-1,200 Hz, 1800VA of power is delivered in a 2U (3.5Ē/88mm) chassis. MS Series: Pacificís line of solid-state high power line conditioners/frequency converters. The 3060-MS offers the unique ability to parallel units in the field creating power source systems that range from 62.5kVA to greater than 625kVA of power. G Series: A readily configurable programmable AC Test power system, G-Series Power Sources offer modifiable linear power amplifiers with power ratings from 6 VA to 90 kVA at frequencies ranging from 45 to 5,000 Hz. UPC Studio Software: UPC Studio Software allows exceptional control of UPC-equipped Pacific AC Power Sources. Operated from a host PCís remote interface, UPC Studio allows control and measurement functions in a greatly enhanced, easy-to-use, graphical interface. In addition to our standard product line, Pacific Power Source has developed custom and specialty products to assist customers with specific or unique test requirements. DC/AC inverters, power line conditioners and fully integrated ATE systems have all been delivered according to exact customer specifications. Among the sectors supplied by Pacific Power Source include test and measurement, manufacturing, household appliances industry, defense technology, aerospace, communications, industrial and computer technology, and government agencies. Regular customers of Pacific us are American and international large enterprises. Pacific was an early pioneer in the development of linear electronic power converters for use in applications requiring maximum reliability. The company now manufactures both linear and advanced broadband pulsed AC power sources. Pacific's reputation as a technology leader is supported by substantial annual investment in research and development in the AC-power technology. Providing outstanding customer service and product solutions is our highest priority. Pacific's reputation as a market and technology leader is supported by substantial investments in both research and development and world-wide customer support. With corporate owned offices in the United States, France, the United Kingdom, and China, local personalized support is easily accessible. 
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