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Telkoor Power Supplies Ltd. 
Telkoor Telecom, Ltd. 
Telkoor Electronics Industries 


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Telkoor Power Supplies Ltd. Switching Power Supply products
Product Name Category Order Part Number Price Price Description
Open Frame 200W  AC/DC  ef     
OpenFrame 3--0400W  AC/DC  eFO     
Open Frame eF 200W  DC/DC Converters  eF     
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Internet Website
Sales (M US$) Year
3E+07  2007 
Division of
Telkoor Electronics Industries 
Employees Date
140  12/22/2007 

Address 5 Goborey Israel Street 
City Netnaya 
Country Israel 

In business? Yes 
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Telkoor Power Supplies Ltd. editors
TELKOOR Power Supplies Ltd. - a subsidiary of the publicly listed Telkoor Telecom Ltd. (TASE: TLK) - and its sister companies Digital Power in California (AMEX: DPW) and Gresham Power Electronics in the UK provide a full line of commercial off-the-shelf and custom power solutions to the global communications, industrial, defense and aerospace markets From its roots in the military and aerospace industries three decades ago, Telkoor has grown to encompass 140 employees.Our top-level design engineering teams continue to provide highly reliable industry-leading power density technology products. Flexibility, efficiency and technological innovation are at the core of our product offering With manufacturing capability on three continents, the company is well positioned to respond quickly to customer design requirements. Designed-in flexibility allows rapid tailoring of the product lines to meet special customer requirements. All our facilities are ISO9001:2000 certified. Our design, manufacturing and quality assurance functions are integrated under Telkoor’s global organization, ensuring our customers a fast time-to-market with our product.  
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