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Rectifier Technologies Pacific Pty Ltd. 


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Rectifier Technologies Pacific Pty Ltd. Switching Power Supply products
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RT9 48V/25A  Telecom Rectifiers  RT9 48V/25A     
Internet Website
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ICE Corporation 
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Address 18 Joseph Street 
City Blackburn North 
Country Australia 

In business? Yes 
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Rectifier Technologies Pacific Pty Ltd. editors
Switch Mode technology when applied at high power levels is still an uncommon art. Around the world, RTP is one of only a few centres of excellence where this art, skill and experience is to be found. Although a small R&D company of about 25 staff, RTP is widely recognised around the world by both telecom power manufacturers as well as end users.

RTP has the world’s most compact high power plant.

It has led the market in the introduction of the following features:
• Microprocessor control of all external and internal management parameters
• Fan speed control and fan monitoring
• Battery charging current limiting
• Rear mounted connections for fool-proof installation
• Global set-up of parameters via supervisory/control unit
• “Plug & play” rectifiers which require no skill to exchange modules
• Battery cell voltage monitoring integrated into supervisory unit
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