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RT9 48V/25A product info
Power Supply Name RT9 48V/25A 
SMPS Category Telecom Rectifiers 
Description The RT9-48V/25A/1.4kW is a switched mode rectifier (SMR) module that delivers up to 1.4kW of output power (and up to 30A output current) into a 48V nominal system. The RT9 suits nominal AC supply voltages between 208 and 240VAC but will continue to operate down to 85VAC at reduced power. It also continues to operate in AC overvoltage conditions up to 300VAC, and will not be damaged when exposed to overvoltage up to 440VAC. Rectifiers convert power from an AC supply into smooth DC, and are normally used in conjunction with a battery to provide an uninterruptible DC power system. The load normally draws a constant power from varying DC bus voltages, and the RT9 delivers constant power to match the load demand and ensure fast recharge time for the battery. The small dimensions of the RT9 allow high power density in 300, 400, or 600mm deep 19-inch or 23- inch racks. The addition of a MiniCSU-2 controller allows a sophisticated power system to be built with network connectivity and remote asset management features. 
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Rectifier Technologies Pacific Pty Ltd. 
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