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Power Supply Name MS Series 
SMPS Category AC/DC 
Description Series and parallel master/slave operation High dielectric withstand: 2500 Vac 50 Hz to 400 Hz input frequency All user interface circuitry referenced to earth ground OVT and OCT shutdown standard Automatic V/I crossover RS232 interface with SCPI commands Optional IEEE-488, RS485, and Ethernet programming Front panel potentiometers for stepless rotary control Front panel calibration User friendly controls and indicators Remote Interface Software with self-teaching features Drivers: Certified LabWindows/CVI and LabVIEW for GPIB, Serial, and TCP/IP communications Load dependent cooling High power factor CE Mark  
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Power Supply webpage 80 Models: 16 to 1000 Vdc, 20 to 4500 Adc  
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Magna-Power Electronics 
Internet Website
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