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MPD-807H product info
Power Supply Name MPD-807H 
SMPS Category DC/DC Converters 
Description The MPD-807H is an isolated 9 - 32 VDC ATX open frame DC/DC converter that can handle both 12V and 24V DC input, configured as either 60~70 watts convection cooling or 80~100 watts forced air-cooling DC/DC converter. The MPD-807H DC-DC converter features ATX output (3.3V/5V/-5V/12V/-12V/5V stand-by), utilizes a thermally efficient U-channel chassis and has no-noise quality. This power supply is typically used in 12V or 24V DC input applications. The AC/DC version of MPD-807H power supply, MPI-806H, is also available.  
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Magic Power Technology Inc. 
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In business? Yes 
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