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8.1kW 5"x5" product info
Power Supply Name 8.1kW 5"x5" 
SMPS Category General 
Description Providing 8.1kW in a 5" x 5" x 17" package, The PM36218BP-5P pluggable rectifier is designed for today's most demanding high power, high reliability applications. Designed to plug into a 3U power shelf with single wire current sharing, a single power shelf can provide a full 32.4.kW (600A) of power. Single wire current sharing makes it easy to parallel additional shelves for truly high power systems with power densities exceeding 10,000W (10.8kW) per U of rack space. Designed for 208Vac three phase AC input, these rectifiers accept voltages between 180Vac to 264Vac with a .95 Power Factor. Since each rectifier is a true three phase input, there is no need to "balance the phase loads" by installing rectifiers in groups of three or causing phase imbalances by removing or installing rectifiers. Capable of integrating with Pioneer's "PATH" controller, there is a wide array of options available for monitoring, alarming and control both locally and remotely.  
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Pioneer Magnetics, Inc. 
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