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Power Supply Name Laboratory Grade Power Supply 
SMPS Category AC/DC 
Description The KLP is an entirely new laboratory grade power supply in which the voltage/current limits are automatically recalculated, forming a constant-power hyperbolic-shaped boundary between the voltage and current modes. This curve, which replaces the single max-power operating point of conventional power supplies, provides the user with a greatly expanded choice of maximum power volt-ampere combinations as illustrated in the diagram by points A to B to C. The constant-power limit of the KLP is 1200 watts. The KLP saves money and space by reducing the number of power supplies required. For example: the single model KLP 75-33-1200 operates as a 0-75V/16A power supply or a 0-36V/33A power supply and all 1200W volt-ampere combinations in between.  
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Power Supply webpage KLP 75-33-1200 
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Kepco, Inc. 
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